Welcome to http://tjmorrisagency.org

TJ Morris Agency Partners – Since 2000

ACE Folklife Associates

ACE Metaphysical Institute Since March 8, 2000

Sharing via TJ Morris Agency Organization

American Communications Online – Since April 5, 2018

International Splinternet Open-Source Intelligence Gurus.

Ascension Center Organization – USA – HAWAII – Nov. 1989- 1993

Psychic Network Institute – Honolulu, Hawaii 1990.

2022 New Company Board IONOS

Theresa J Thurmond Morris

Partner Agency for IONOS

International Domains, Resellers, Affiliates, Call Centers, Security

Cyberspace Culture Community Club – Splinternet Gurus.

We celebrate events with training the trainers.

We share Business Services in MADE IN USA

Goods and services.

IONOS is our new Contracting Company to keep our Domains

Website Building straight separated from our GO DADDY Accounts.

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Established as a 1s registration.

1976 – 1 and ! one of the first registrars for ICANN.

Partnership with TJ Morris Agency

Since May 7, 2022/ May 13, 2022

Contract # ACO TVP


This is the holding Company Contract

FOR American Communications Online


Original contract.

WordPress Only

For 88766281

Overall Holding Company out, us of Philadelphia, PA

Email: tjmorrisagency@gmail.com


TJ Morris Agency.org

Ascensions Cosmos Oracles.org


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